First time sailing


The boats usually sail from the marina on the Saturday on which they have been taken – that means after the “check-in”, which is made by the skipper. Also, the boats sail only after the shopping has been done: cleaning products, food and drinks. During the day we can sail between 4 and 8 hours, based on the distance to the destination. At nights we either touch a marina or we anchor inside of protected gulfs.

Based on local attractions of the places we reach, we try to plan to have enough time to explore the city, the island or the nature. We can rent scooters, ATVs, bicycles, cars or we can simply laze on the beach or at a local tavern.


All cabins incorporate closets, where all personal belongings can be stocked. They are, of course, not as big as the normal closets, but they are designed in an ergonomic way, so that there would remain plenty of space inside the cabin. The luggage itself must be easily foldable and stored, without taking up too much space, during the entire holiday. DO NOT use trolleys or suitcases – they can block an easy access inside the cabins. All boats come with life jackets and safety belts for all passengers. Before leaving the marina all passengers will receive safety and on board behavior instructions, as well as recommendations for emergency situations.

Come on board,
FunSailing Team