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Evenimentele Yellow & Red Flotilla, din seria FunSailing 10,
se vor desfasura conform programului .
Va asteptam!

2020 inseamna pentru noi 10 ani de evenimente pe ape sarate si yachturi cu vele, este anul care marcheaza un deceniu de existenta FunSailing! Asa ca, ne-am propus sa fie un sezon special, un festival pe mare, plin de bule de tot felul, de distractie si voie buna, in compania prietenilor nostri vechi si noi.

Vom sarbatori, in cele mai mari flotile FunSailing de pana acum, tot ce inseamna FunSailing pentru noi: pasiunea iremediabila pentru sailing, comunitatea de oameni aventurieri si sufletisti pe care am construit-o, setea pentru expeditii si explorare, dorinta de libertate si deconectare. Toate astea pe ritmurile muzicii bune cu care v-am obisnuit, alaturi de skipperii pe care i-am format si skipperii prieteni si cu o dorinta, mai arzatoare ca niciodata, de a face totul intr-un mod cat mai sustenabil pentru natura.

Cele 3 evenimente din anul 2020 stau sub semnul tricolorului romanesc. Ne numim FunSailing Romania si este tara pe care o reprezentam pe mare, iar fiecare culoare are o anume semnificatie in gandurile noastre de marinari.

Toate cele 3 evenimente se vor desfasura pe marile Greciei, tara in care am avut, pana acum, cele mai multe evenimente si cei mai multi prieteni stransi in acelasi loc. Vom naviga in insulele Ionice de Sud, pe cele mai frumoase nuante de albastru, ne vom bucura de soarele din Sporade si ne vom petrece in golful nostru preferat din Saronice.

Nu va conta pe ce barca sunteti, pentru ca vom sta lipiti unii de ceilalti ca iahtul de apa. Nu va exista eveniment fara surprize si fara toti skipperii FunSailing prezenti in flotila! Baloo, Wulkie, Tavi, Horica si Luci, vom fi toti pe barci, probabil emotionati, dar sigur entuziasmati de FunSailing 10 ani FLOTILLA BUBBLES!

37 barci/300 oameni in 2019
Va multumim!

Destinatii Grecia, Turcia, Spania si alte destinatii perfecte pentru vacanta de vis marca FunSailing. Vezi mai mult


  • Just a short info for today: the Greek waters look like this 👀 They’re waiting for you & for us to jump/dive right in 💦 
#funsailing #greece #sea #blue #sky #mood #diverightin #adventure #freedom
  • Two of our skippers @vladbaloo & @lost.in.islands are already out there on the seas, checking out the weather, water, waves and wind in Greece. And, of course, they’re documenting the safety measures that need to be taken for our first event this year, Yellow Flotilla. Because we want to feel good and safe at all times! ⛵️ ☀️ 🌊 
#funsailing #flotillabubbles #safesailing #fun #friends #yellowflotilla #sea #sun #sailing #northsporades
  • It seems that the odds are in our favour and that our Yellow Event this year is going to take place (between 25.07.-01.08.2020). We’re going to go back to an old love of ours: The North Sporades. It’s gonna be all about sunny skies and golden beaches, happy people, good music and glasses of prosecco. All in the safest possible way, complying with the Greek regulations. 
#flotillabubbles #funsailingyellow #celebration #freedom #sailing #funsailingevents #skopelos #alonissos #skiathos #mammamia #sporades #funsailing10
  • Our latest sailing experience happened at the beginning of this crazy year and all of us who were in #thaifun2020 are happy & grateful to have been part of it. Check it out how it was, from early sunrises to unbelievable sunsets, all the exploring, the fun & unforgettable (bday) parties, the blue gulfs, lush nature and everything in between at the link in bio ☝️
#thaifun2020 #funsailing #exoticmemories #fun #friends #explore #travel #adventure #freespirits #asia #sailinginjanuary
  • Que hora es?! Who cares, ‘cause it’s summer time so we’ve got ourselves a good reason to be happy! 🌊 Wishing all the small & big kids a joyful day! Try to make the most of this summer ☀️ #funsailing #summer #sailingseason #happykidsday #sunny #sailing #fun #friends
  • Remember that “floating on the waves” feeling, that lovely summer smell, the bikini-time, the gorgeous sunsets from the boat? Yeaaah, summer is getting closer and we’ll make new memories like these.
#funsailing #summertime #goodtimes #sailing #fun #friends #momentsonthesea #friends
  • Went down the memory lane today, back to our „silver“ days of 2013, when we were young and we were building up experience. How we miss a 1st of May on the sea 🌊 
At the link in bio you can see how the early years of FunSailing looked like 😉

#1maimarinaresc #sailinginmay #funsailing #sailinglife #passion #restless #fun #friends #sea