The Story Behind

FunSailing Nautical Club begins its history back in the summer of 2009. At that point Baloo, one of the 4 FunSailing founder skippers, came up with the idea (which, at the time, seemed a bit crazy) for us to take the skipper’s license. “How?”; “Skipper’s license?!”; “Where?”; “How long does it take?”; “To get out on the sea with boats?”; “Who, we?!”.

After all these questions we went to a sailing school from Constanta and, slowly but steadily, we found answers for all of the questions we had. But, more than that, we’ve discovered a new passion: sailing!

With the licenses in our pockets we were heading towards what was going to become an unique experience: the perfect combination between adventure and fun, both of them on the sea. And that’s actually how the “FunSailing” name came up!

From one year to another we evolved as skippers, we built up more and more experience, and our crews evolved as well. What was always a constant component, though: friends! Old friends, new friends, trustworthy people, both in terms of character and party!  It’s really important to have a balanced crew, one that supports you when the wind blows your veils and you need 2-3 strong men to extend them, or when you are touching a port and 2-3 girls have to be fast and careful to defend the boat with the fenders. On the other hand, this is the same crew that contributes to the good mood and “fun” on the boat – our home for a week or two. With every year more of this kind of people stepped foot on our boats. Some of them were there with us from the very beginning and they still spend their holidays with us, as passengers or even as skippers. They are all very dear to us because they trusted us as we started this whole sailing story and we grew up along with them as they grew up along with us. And we welcome, with arms wide open, new people in what we now call “The FunSailing Family”. Because we do enjoy being “one big, happy family”! Every year we have a few people from the crew who are becoming skippers and that is how we ended up, in 2013, to gather the first FunSailing Romania flotilla, composed of 8 boats! One year later, in May 2014, we’ve managed to gather up a 12 boats flotilla, in the Sporades Islands of Greece. All of them with the Romanian flag!

The sailing passion hunts us while we are on land, as well! So, when we are back home, we are working on a wood boat or on a kayak! So that we can go sailing or fishing in the Romanian waters and we can keep our minds busy. Although, organizing the sea events is taking up a lot of time on a daily basis.

And here’s how, 5 years later from the first mentioning of “FunSailing”, we thought we could get on to the next step: to make if official and to transform “FunSailing” into “FunSailing Nautical Club”. What do we want to achieve with this Club? We want it to be the place where sea and wind lovers feel like home! We want to promote sailing in a responsible way towards the environment! We also want to promote the good mood it brings with it! We want to explore: the sea, the lakes, the rivers and to organize practical sailing courses for all of you who desire to become skippers!