Safety on board

Here are some essential things for you to know, when you are on board on one of the FunSailing yachts!

The Skipper

The skipper is responsible for all the people who are on board on the FunSailing yacht! And he’s also the one who can tell you more about not only about sailing, but also but the places you are about to visit. So, any questions you have, just shoot!

Man overboard

Man overboard is the first maneuver that the skipper will share with his crew! We ask all of you to participate, in case that a member of the crew falls overboard!

Current water

The current water on the boat is limited! Depending on the boat’s model, there are one or two water tanks. They will be refilled in every marina that offers this kind of facility. But we do have a few kind requests and pieces of advice:

  • take short showers
  • the dishes can also be washed in the sea (but not in the marina!) and then they can be rinsed with current water
  • don’t forget the water taps open
  • stop the water pump when the water tanks are empty


The toilets are working with water sea! The skipper will make a detailed debrief regarding how to best use the toilets!
But please:

  • DON’T THROW ANY TOILET PAPER IN THE TOILETS! They will get stuck and fixing them takes money and time. Plus, it stinks, literally! There is a toilet bin in every toilet, where you can throw the used paper.
  • Pump around 7-8 times on the “empty” position and then 7-8 times again on the “rinsing” position. Leave the toilet on the “empty” position.
  • Never open the waste tank in the marina or when we are in anchored in a gulf.

Before setting sail

Before setting sail:

  • please close all the portholes
  • all fenders must be up; it’s a well known fact that the yacht that doesn’t do that will have to offer beers to the crew members of the yacht that noticed the mistake J
  • make sure that all of your belongings are locked in the closets and that they will not fall down while the boat is sailing

In the water

In the water is where we have fun and we take advantage of every clear blue water gulf!
But, for your safety, we kindly ask you:

  • Don’t jump into the water while the boat’s motor is still running
  • Don’t swim too far away, if you are not sure that you can also swim back
  • Try to make yourself visible in the water, especially when you see other sail boats or dinghys close by
  • Before any splashy splash, make sure that you are informed by the skipper if the area where you are has strong sea currents
  • When you take the dinghy back, please watch out for the ones who are swimming or snorkeling. Mutual respect!

We sure like to have a good time, but we will try not to disturb the other boats anchored or moored close to the FunSailing yachts!

We are 8 to 12 people on board. And each and every one of us has to relax and have a good time during the holiday.Try to avoid any conflicts, to be sociable and pay some attention to the other’s needs.

Thank you!
The FunSailing Team