Our official and formal name is
“FunSailing Nautical Club”.

Our purpose is to gather all the people who love the sea, the wind and the adventure in order to promote, along with them, sailing and the good mood it brings with it, as well as the responsibility towards the environment.

We love to organize events on the sea. With every new event we get together with old friends. Some of them bring along other friends and that’s how we meet new people and make new friends. Somehow we attract (most of the times) people with the same energy, same good vibes, same principles, same passions. We stick together and we are like a family. The FunSailing Family (yeap, may sound cheesy but it really is so!). For those who have the same passions and values like we do, we facilitate an accessible sailing experience as well as practical skippering courses.

We like beautiful souls, ambitious characters, happy, sociable and creative people. And they seem to like us back! So, since we’re not really formalities fans, we like to call ourselves just FunSailing!