How do I get to the marina?

FunSailing is usually arranging the transport in accordance with the size of the event. If we are organizing a big event, then the transport will usually be by coach. If the event is smaller, then we will centralize everyone’s departure and try to find a winning solution so that everyone gets to the marina. Usually the pick-up point will be an airport.
Anyway, nobody is left outside!

Is the price of transportation included in the event participation costs?

No, the transportation price to and from the marina has to be payed separately by everyone.

If I want to travel with my own car, will anyone help me out with the itinerary?

Of course! Just send us an email at events@funsailing.ro where you mention the name of the event and we will take care of the rest!

If I want to rent a scooter, a car or an ATV in one of the locations where we are with FunSailing, can I?

Obviously! But first, you have to make sure that you have the A or A+ permit, if you want to rent a scooter, or a B class permit, if you want to rent a car or ATV. We suggest that you talk to your skipper first about this, since in most locations we already have contacts and we will receive a group discount.

When will I get back home?

Usually we leave the marina on Saturday morning. We have to come back on Friday evening, before 6PM (we will spend the last night on the boat, but in the marina). We have to check-out the boat saturday morning until 9AM. Therefore, you can plan your re-tour trip starting with Saturday afternoon. If your return trip is already planned by us, then please contact your skipper. He will provide you with more details. If you are returning with your own car, contact the FunSailing skippers once again, as they can let you know which is the best route for you to take.


What’s it like on the yacht? Do we have a bathroom, running water, a shower?

Of course! All of the yachts are equiped with individual bathrooms, two or even more, depending on the yacht’s model. There are also showers with warm/cold water. There is also the option of showering outside, as there is another shower at the stern of the boat. Talk to your skipper about the proper usage of the showers and the water on board of the FunSailing yachts.

How and where do I sleep?

The FunSailing yachts have three or more double rooms. You will find clean sheets, towels and there is also a small storage space. As for the size of the rooms, this varies from one yacht model to another, but be assured that two persons will always fit in.

Where do I put my luggage?

First of all, please make sure that your luggage is easy and flexible. We don’t suggest you take any trolley with you, as they will take up a lot of place on the boat. Every cabin has a storage place for your clothes and for the luggage as well.

Who will do the shopping for the yacht?

The FunSailing skippers will delegate the tasks on their boats, including the supplying ones. There will be a small group for each boat that will take care of the shopping part and have regard for the crew’s preferences.

Can I buy single-use plastic products?

We don’t encourage at all the use of plastic cups, plates, cutlery, containers, straws or any other objects. We are at sea and, with one breath of the wind, all these plastics will go straight into water. And we are all aware of the huge moving plastic islands  that are everywhere: on the seas, oceans, lakes and so on. We don’t want to contribute in any way to making them bigger, just the opposite. Read more here. (link)

Where are these supplies stored?

The kitchen of the FunSailing yachts has plenty of hidden places where the boat’s supplies fit in. Water, fresh fruit and vegetables, cans, snacks, we will find a place for all of them. Your FunSailing skipper will point out a small group of persons who will take care of the storage of all the products bought for the crew.

Is it possible to cook on the yacht?

Every yacht comes with a fully equiped kitchen. There is a stove, an oven, a fridge, a deepfreezer, pans, tea pot, kettle, pots, all of which are usable. Your skipper will tell you more on how to properly use the kitchen.

Who pays for the food and the drinks on the yacht?

The crew are paying for the boat’s supplies. There will be one person designated to raise the money and make sure that everything is paid for. The amount of money will be equal for all crew members and will be established separately for each event, in the marina.

When do we eat on the yacht?

Most of the times, we take the breakfast on the yacht. Lunch and dinner mostly take place on the shore. FunSailing encourages you to go out there and try the local cuisine. When we spent the nights anchored, then dinner will also take place on the sailing boat.

On land, do we eat by ourselves or together with the crew/the other crews?

We are big fans of socializing! But taking into consideration each and everyone’s preferences, we can organize meals at the restaurants in the locations where we stop for smaller or bigger groups. However, FunSailing usually organizes dinners for the entire flotilla in most of the marinas where we will be mooring if this is possible. The skipper will ask you if you want to participate, so talk to him about it.

Where do I charge my phone?

Every yacht has 12V (auto) sockets. As long as we are moored and the yachts are connected to the 220V in the marina, you can use these sockets to charge your phone. Otherwise, you can charge your phones (if you really can’t live without them) at the restaurants where we will eat. And if you really want to make sure your cell phone has its battery full, then you can bring a portable charger.

How do we talk to the other yachts from the FunSailing flotilla?

Every yacht is equiped with a VHF broadcast station. Contact your skipper for more details on how to use them.


The eternal question: what do I take with me?

First of all, remember that you are leaving for a week of sea and sun. The usual clothing on the yacht will be a bathing suit/short, sunglasses and a cap. Also grab some flip flops, the kind that don’t leave marks, some comfortable shoes with white or neutral soles, a few t-shirts, some socks, a wind jacket and a rain jacket (if you have a 2-in-1 it’s even better) and one pair of long pants or jeans. In the extreme situation when something is missing from your luggage, don’t worry! You will most likely be able to buy from the locations where we arrive. We also suggest that you opt in for small recipients for shaving cream, shampoo, shower gel and so on. In order to best adapt your luggage’s content it’s best that you talk to your skipper first, shortly before the event. He will let you know how the weather forecast looks like. Also, more detailed info about what you should have in your luggage, you can find here. (link)

If I don’t have any other type of luggage besides the trolley, will I have to sleep with it?

No, naturally not! We will figure out a solution what to do and where to place this type of luggage. There are certain exceptions we can understand and we will manage depending on the type of yacht we have.

Do I have to bring my own life jacket?

No way! Every yacht comes with life jackets.

I love snorkeling, so do I bring my own equipment or can I find equipment where we are going to?

Sometimes the sailing boats have snorkeling equipment. But if you really love snorkeling, then we suggest you take with you at least the snorkeling glasses and tube.

I am an avid fishing fan, what do I do?

Take your fishing rod with you. Look for the closest fishing shop in the marina, buy some fishing lure and offer an unforgettable dinner to your crew! 😉 And contact your FunSailing skipper to get some info regarding the local fishing policies.


What if I suffer from sea sick?

In case you do, we suggest that you have some ginger around to chew. We don’t encourage medication. We recommend natural remedies based on ginger like Emetin Forte! Worse case scenario, the FunSailing skipper will place you at the steering wheel, this will most certainly make the sea sick go away.

I am social! Do I have internet?

That depends on each and every event. In most of the events, the FunSailing Team will try and provide WiFi passwords in the locations where we will arrive. Please talk to your skipper about this.

Can we listen to music on the yacht?

Every yacht has a CD Player or an Aux for the cell phone. So take your music with you! It is and will always be part of our lives on board with the FunSailing flotilla. Please, don’t forget to keep the volume low inside the marinas.


What is a marina?

The marina is an organized “parking lot” for the yachts, most of the times close by to a town or exactly at the shore of a town. It’s the location where we have power and water from the shore, showers, shops and restaurants.

What does “night at anchor” mean?

This means we will spent the night outside the marina, in a quiet gulf or close to a marina. It means a night spent only with the FunSailing crews, far away from the marina’s fuss and civilization.