Caribbean Caribbean

It always amuses me that I receive the most praise for the things that I write from my imagination but the truth is that there is no page from my books that is not based on reality. And the reality of the Carribean is taken out from the most uncommon fantasies.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The Carribean Islands – the islands of Central America – are known to be a “magic” area due to the white sands, turquoise waters, perfect climate throughout the year and the palm trees that complete the luxurious sceneries.

For a very long time the Carribean Islands were the favourite place to go for retired people or for lovers, but a small eco-tourism movement started the trend of independent tourism in these area. There are thousand of small islands and large islands in the Carribean, which made it a challenge for us to choose a sailing route. In the end, the Windward Islands were the best choice from an infrastructure point of view – we set sail from Martinique, an accesible island and with a great offer of yachts. Otherwise, from the landscape point of view, The Carribean have plenty to offer all around its islands!