Team building

Why sailing?

Why sailing?

The skipper is the essential character on the yacht, he is the one responsible for the boat and for the crew. But even the most skillful skippers need an united crew, dynamic, vigilent and responsible, who can work together as a team. The skipper is the one who is coordinating, but the crew are his hands, eyes and ears.

Sailing is a team sport and through the team buildings that we organize we aim to bring together people with different personalities and to teach them to work together as one. Any hesitations and missunderstansings have to be put aside! They have to be replaced with mutual trust and respect! Each crew member has a certain task and they have to accomplish it responsibly. At the end of the day they will be satisfied and proud of what they’ve done, and they will also be happy and have fun together.

We believe that the sailing team buildings are a more attractive alternative to the classic ones, but also a more difficult one, as they really take the team out of their comfort zone. They receive tasks in unique circumstances so they really learn how to be responsible and how to trust the man standing next to them, to make their own decisions or to go with the decisions that others made, to see the big picture without losing the details. Our skippers not only have the sea experience, but each one of them is either a team manager in a multinational corporation or they have their own business, thus they are skillful managers.

FunSailing Romania organizes the team buildings in Romania, on the Black Sea, or abroad, in the Mediterranean Sea. Our promise to you is that, after you and your team work hard on the sea to function as one, not only you will fall in love with this sport but it will also change your vision on life and aily projects. And afterwards we will celebrate together, in our own, FunSailing style!

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