The Story Behind


FunSailing’s history begins in the summer of 2009. Back then, Baloo, one of the five skippers, came up with the idea (which seemed wacky) to take our boat licences. “How?”; “skipper licence?” “Where?”; “How long?”; “Let’s get out on sea?” “Alone?”. I attended a sailing school in Constanta and slowly we found all the answers. But more than that, we discovered this passion: sailing ! With the licences in our hand we were heading for what would be in a short time a unique experience: the ideal combination of adventure and fun, both on the sea. This is how the “FunSailing” name was born. From year to year we have evolved us as skippers and also our crews. It is important to have a balanced crew, to help you when wind fills the sails and you have strong guys to work the sails, or when mooring in the marina to have some girls available with fenders. In the same time , this crew is our family for the entire trip, who looks after the “fun” on the boat.

The following years we gathered more and people. Some have been with us from the beginning and still come with us, as some passengers, others as skippers. We are loved, because they trusted us and grew with us and welcomed us with open arms.This is how in 2013 we had the first flotilla, with 8 boats and later on in 2014 we’ve succeeded to gather 12 boats with FunSailing flag.

What do we want to do with this club? We want to be where with sea lovers, wind and adventure fanatics. We want to promote sailing, good mood and responsibility towards the environment. We want to organize expeditions on either lakes, rivers or sea handling or practical courses.